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I really enjoyed watching the tag cloud on the side of the community blog grow over the semester.  Pretty impressive list now!  I didn’t spend as much time here as I would have liked, but I certainly found everyone’s posts … Continue reading

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Multiliteracies & the Marginalized

This was a fun project, at least once I got over my hesitancy about submitting something in this format!  It was an interesting journey building this concept map, but it satisfied my need for text plus a desire to try … Continue reading

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The Dictionary – Ripped Mixed and Fed

I thought I would take this opportunity to follow through on my original idea of making my research project into a video. I didn’t have time before that deadline, so I took the time for this assignment! I used PowerPoint … Continue reading

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The Dictionary & Education

What classroom would be complete without a dictionary?  Even hundreds of years ago, this may have seemed impossible.  The dictionary has always been an educational tool for enquiring minds.  People use them to learn languages, check spellings, look up meanings, … Continue reading

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Oral Qualities in Mark Antony’s Speech

Shakespeare clearly understands the power of the spoken word.  In Julius Caesar, Mark Antony’s famous rhetorical speech at the funeral includes several specifically oral qualities that contribute to his power of persuasion.  An “orally attuned audience,” such as would have … Continue reading

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Technology as Social Need

“Wherever we start in such a chain of cause and effect, we can identify an interaction between technical qualities and social constructions – an interaction so intimate that it is hard to see where the technical ends and the social … Continue reading

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Curiosity to Technology

Here is an interesting definition of technology from the European Space Agency. “In a research and development organisation such as ESA, technology is a concept of primary importance, so by necessity the definition of the word is precise: ‘technology is … Continue reading

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High Tech Text

This quote comes from a paper I came across while I was researching Richard Mayer’s principles of multimedia learning (Mayer, 2001).  The title caught my attention because it seemed to encompass a couple of my interests:  “Multimedia Learning Gets Medieval.”  … Continue reading

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Baa! Last one to the fold!

Hi everyone! Speech always has a purpose.  We speak to communicate ideas.  Great orators know how to use silence, volume, intonation, and body language to capture their audience’s attention.  However, when you get right down to it, the words matter.  … Continue reading

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