Curiosity to Technology

Here is an interesting definition of technology from the European Space Agency.

“In a research and development organisation such as ESA, technology is a concept of primary importance, so by necessity the definition of the word is precise: ‘technology is the practical application of knowledge so that something entirely new can be done, or so that something can be done in a completely new way.'”

 The article goes on to talk about the transferability of technology from one context to another.  The final emphasis, though, goes to the people whose curiosity makes all that spectacular innovation possible.

European Space Agency.  (2009).  What is technology?  Retrieved from

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2 Responses to Curiosity to Technology

  1. Angela Novoa says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    I loved your definition. I was struggling with the idea if “technology” is a product (something created by humans for practical purposes) or it is also everything that might be there (not created by humans) and that we give a practical purpose to. And your definition includes both ideas: “practical application of knowledge”.



  2. Steph says:

    Since the definition refers to the practical application of knowledge, it must have a human element, right?

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