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Making Connections: The Economics of Text

In the course ETEC 511 Foundations of Educational Technology one of the aspects of educational technology we have studied was economics. To be honest, I’m not especially interested in economics, but it is a necessity of life. That’s the reason … Continue reading

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Final Reflections and Connections

You all will need to forgive the quality of this post as the cold that I suffered from is still lingering and I am still exhausted.  I will do my best in my final reflection of this course. I will … Continue reading

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Creatures of Habit and Agents of Change

We are creatures of habit. This course is all about change, changing our habits and providing some knowledge to help others change. Text Technologies: The changing spaces of reading and writing – I think I now know what the title … Continue reading

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Reflections and Connections

I would like to echo Everton’s sentiment that this course has indeed been an epic journey. I would also like to express my gratitude to colleagues who have enriched this learning experience. Today, a friend of mine posted her first … Continue reading

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Through Death and Rebirth

My final project, Through Death and Rebirth, is a series of stories exploring the changes to how the story of death is told through changing text technologies over time. Enjoy

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Commentary #3 – Pedagogy of Multiliteracies: Are we designing social futures in Canada?

                                                         Pedagogy of Multiliteracies In 1996, the New London Group created a manifesto … Continue reading

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Major Project – Social Media

What is Social Media? Andreas Kaplan and Michael Haenlein (2010) define social media as a group of Internet-based applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations of Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content. … Continue reading

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Enjoying the Tools

I must say I have had little time during these weeks, but I have been having so much fun by exploring all the tools that are suggested in this forum and on the course blog. The one I most enjoyed … Continue reading

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Pictures to Music with MS Moviemaker

I saw this as a great opportunity to put some pictures from a unique summer trip to music and present it as a video through YouTube. I did an interesting two week vacation with my oldest son in August; a … Continue reading

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Codex Manuscript to Codex Print

Introduction In the middle of the 15th century an obscure German goldsmith named Johannes Gutenberg invented a movable type printing press in the city of Mainz. Thereafter, the new printing industry quickly spread across Europe and made possible the mass … Continue reading

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The Printing Press and the Bible

I chose to create a website to display my findings on the effects the printing press and the printed Bible had on society. Please view my site here or copy and paste the following link into your web browser.

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Technology is everything

In my search for clarification about the meaning of the word “technology”, I came across this quote from Max Frisch: “Technology … the knack of so arranging the world that we don’t have to experience it.” This quote struck me … Continue reading

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Defining Text

Text in the broadest sense is any of the various forms in which writing exists. I see text as anything that communicates ideas visually. These could be pictographs, cuneiform, hieroglyphics, print, or calligraphy. Text is the visual representation of all … Continue reading

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Rich Prospect Browsing

I added this to test how WordPress is handling YouTube embed code. I’ll leave it here, though, because it’s a good talk by one of my research collaborators on a subject relevant to the course. Enjoy.

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Evolution of Technology I view technology as something that has a practical application for humans. Technology is evoluionary in two ways: 1.The use of a technology evolves to different uses as humans learn to use it. For example in the attached clip … Continue reading

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The Dynamics of Text

Any time I think of text Michael Wesch comes to mind for his works on YouTube Anthropology. If you haven’t seen it then it is worth watching, all 56 minutes of it here. Even though YouTube is a video platform … Continue reading

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What is Technology

I found two videos that help to define technology and provides some specific examples. Like Mark, embeding these videos has me stumped, for now……, so they are links. The first video provides a technology definition in one broad statement. The … Continue reading

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GPS say where? Bridget’s post.

I chose this picture of two people in their canoe using a GPS to navigate because it shows the clashing of old and new technologies. The picture was taken in Kwartha Highlands Park in Ontario. The picture quote with the … Continue reading

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Dennis Pratt

I was hoping I could find this picture on Flickr creative commons because I have had it posted on my classroom wall numerous times over the years. Unfortunately, it has the large red “You Fail” text to go with it. … Continue reading

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The Power of Text

Hello All, My name is Danielle Boyd and I am in the later stages of my UBC M.Ed degree. I currently reside and teach in the beautiful town of Antigonish, Nova Scotia. For the most part, I teach math and … Continue reading

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