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Creatures of Habit and Agents of Change

We are creatures of habit. This course is all about change, changing our habits and providing some knowledge to help others change. Text Technologies: The changing spaces of reading and writing – I think I now know what the title … Continue reading

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Information and Media Literacy in Post Secondary Education

New literacy in the Digital Age: understanding the dynamics of needed information and media competencies in a post-secondary educational setting. Introduction As we progress through the early stages of the twenty-first century, we are witnessing a dramatic change in the … Continue reading

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Pictures to Music with MS Moviemaker

I saw this as a great opportunity to put some pictures from a unique summer trip to music and present it as a video through YouTube. I did an interesting two week vacation with my oldest son in August; a … Continue reading

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The Invention of Photography

Introduction Photography was invented in the early 1800’s but the concepts of the two main components of photography: the camera and light sensitive chemicals, were known much earlier. By the late 1800’s photography was more than an invention, it had … Continue reading

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Literacy and Orality: Preserving endangered oral languages with literacy

In the book Orality and Literacy by Walter Ong (1982), the author describes how languages have evolved from an oral form to a written or literate form. He not only describes the origin of oral languages and the transitions to … Continue reading

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Text as Technology

Text as the written word is a technology to capture orality. Ong describes text as technology on page 8 without really saying it in a couple of places. First he describes the world of sound as the natural habitat of … Continue reading

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What is Technology

I found two videos that help to define technology and provides some specific examples. Like Mark, embeding these videos has me stumped, for now……, so they are links. The first video provides a technology definition in one broad statement. The … Continue reading

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Text and Technology: Mixed Messages

I selected this image as it illustrates that mixed messages can occur when the meaning of “text” changes or when new technologies are introduced. I am interested in learning more about the tradeoffs that occur when a new technology is … Continue reading

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