Text and Technology: Mixed Messages

Street Dept Property funny sign

I selected this image as it illustrates that mixed messages can occur when the meaning of “text” changes or when new technologies are introduced. I am interested in learning more about the tradeoffs that occur when a new technology is invented and introduced. What do we gain and what do we lose or what changes as a result of the technology. I am especially concerned how computer technology is affecting the physical activity levels of people as a tradeoff for the benefits of using the technology.

I am taking my seventh MET course on my scenic route through the MET program. Scenic route as I am taking one course at a time as a reasonable balance with work and life (and trying to maintain an active lifestyle at the same time). I am a Curriculum Coordinator with the School of Business at SAIT Polytechnic in Calgary, Alberta and have just completed by fourth anniversary in this position. One of my main roles is to provide coordination, leadership and support to the development of new programs and the redevelopment of existing programs. One thing that I have learned is faculty need encouragement and support to try new things as part of the program redevelopment process, otherwise they can become set in their ways and negative towards change, including the use of technology.

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  1. Steph says:

    Interesting. Do you think our activity levels are negatively affected? It could be argued that mobile technologies give us the ability to be more active because we can take work with us.

    • Doug Connery says:

      Hi Steph:

      I believe if we are not careful, the benefits and perhaps compulsive use of technology can override our needs to stay active. I seem to have the opposite problem. For me I am struggling right now sitting in front of this computer when I know there are many active things that I could be doing outside as the weather is currently spectacular (not that weather slows me down).

      You make a good point about mobile technologies, but I am not sure if they could help us maintain activity or be more active. For example, I can’t see how a mobile device would help me progress through this course and stay active: working in the garden, going for a walk or ski or help a friend with a hands-on-project.

      I am concerned when I hear about increased obesity levels, especially in children. At the same we continue to use more and more technology – the two must be connected, thus one of the downfalls of technology (if indeed they are connected).



  2. Doug,

    Great to be in the same learning environment again. It was only this week I was discussing mixed message with my students. We really had an interesting discussion on the topic. As time goes by we will explore more on this topic. All the best.


  3. ajevne says:

    Hi Doug,

    Good to be in another class with you.
    Regarding your point about activity levels, a friend of mine’s daughter (age 14) just played real ping pong yesterday for the first time. She had played it on wii many times before of course and said she actually preferred it.
    This situation doesn’t really fit with your point I guess as this either way the girl is active but it does illustrate how simulations may provide a more attractive alternative to some people. Doesn’t seem right somehow.

  4. Gordana Jugo says:

    Hi Doug,

    I like your remark on your scenic route through the MET program because you’ve been trying to balance your work and life. The same applies to me.


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