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Why Professor Johnny Can’t Read: Understanding the Net Generation’s Texts

I chose to do a commentary on “Why professor Johnny Can’t Read: Understanding the Net Generation’s Texts”, by Mark Mabrito and Rebecca Medley. In their essay, they compared the learning styles of the Net Generation (born after 1982) to the … Continue reading

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Glogster with Animoto

Click on the picture to link to the multimedia site.

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Commentary on Kress

I chose to do a commentary on Gunther Kress’ article entitled “Gains and Losses: New forms of texts, knowledge, and learning.” The author focuses on the losses that might occur as we move from representation through text to representation through … Continue reading

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The Impact of Radio: Past and Present

  Brief History of the Invention of Radio The concept that audio could be transmitted without wires came to reality in 1888 when German physicist Heinrich Hertz discovered radio waves; electromagnetic waves that have the capacity to transmit music, speech, … Continue reading

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Commentary on Kevin Kelly’s “Scan this Book”

I chose to do a commentary on Kevin Kelly’s article entitled, “Scan This Book” in which he addresses the implications of Google’s plan to digitize all of the world’s books and house them in one searchable database. In the past, … Continue reading

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……from the director of technology

“Technology is a tool which leverages our capacity of neuronal stimulation connecting fragments into meaningful knowledge.It enables our brain to work faster and more efficiently.Technology augments our natural learning pathways causing greater frequency of stimulation’s over a broader neuronal network.” … Continue reading

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Text: Nesting Dolls

I have never really given much thought to the definition of text. I found the following definition to be interesting. “Text is an ordered hierarchy of content objects.” which is a definition that has been around since the 1980’s and … Continue reading

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GPS say where? Bridget’s post.

I chose this picture of two people in their canoe using a GPS to navigate because it shows the clashing of old and new technologies. The picture was taken in Kwartha Highlands Park in Ontario. The picture quote with the … Continue reading

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