The Dictionary – Ripped Mixed and Fed

I thought I would take this opportunity to follow through on my original idea of making my research project into a video. I didn’t have time before that deadline, so I took the time for this assignment! I used PowerPoint to make the slides and then made a screen capture with Screenr.  I put the title and credit pages on in Windows Live Movie Maker, then uploaded it to YouTube.  Hope you like it!


Plus, I did a quick Wordle for my essay as well. Which medium do you think works best?

Dictionary Wordle

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7 Responses to The Dictionary – Ripped Mixed and Fed

  1. Steph says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Great effort! I think the video works best because it gives more explanation. I think wordle is a great classroom tool if students can speak about the connections they made between the vocab words they chose.

  2. Dennis Pratt says:


    I really had to reflect on your questions at the end. I had a student comment that alphabetical order was “arranged”. I could tell he did not have to use it very often. A skill the rest of us may take for granted.


  3. Lynette Manton says:

    Hi Jennifer,

    Great presentation! Do you mind if I use it? I often discuss using dictionaries with my classes and this would be a wonderful introdcution.


  4. Lynette Manton says:

    Thanks Jennifer!


  5. Julie S says:

    I really enjoyed your video Jennifer,

    You make a mention in the video about the use of the dictionary to preserve a language so I thought you might be interested in what the Mik’Maq are doing with their talking dictionary and their Twitter word of the day. I have a little write up about this as part of my final project and a related story about oral culture.
    I think it’s interesting how technology is being used to recreate the dictionary in new and useful forms.
    – Julie

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