SlideShare Experiment

Hi All,
Tried SlideShare with a PowerPoint presentation I made for the Remembrance Day Assembly last week. Quick and easy! Next step will be to add sound!

Still can’t embed though!

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3 Responses to SlideShare Experiment

  1. Steph says:

    I can only embed images on this blog as well. Is that what you mean? I tried to embed video and a prezi but it wouldn’t work. I think it has something to do with the settings because I can embed them just fine on other blogs. Great powerpoint!


  2. HJDeW says:

    What a powerful presentation, even without the music. Is the script your own or is it from some other source? The script and images really go together well!

    • Jasmeet Virk says:

      No, It’s a famous poem from India. Learned as a kid and it has always stayed with me. The pictures were my way to connect this 1919 poem to present day Canada and to my students. Now I am trying to add sound. I recorded the kids recitation on Audacity.

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