Text evolving through Technology

Text evolving through Technology

Hi All,
My name is Jasmeet Virk and this is my 6th MET course. I am a grade 4 teacher in Kelowna, B.C and loving every minute of the MET program.
I choose this picture because I have wondered about the role technology has played in the evolution of the language. Would the text be so much richer and sophisticated had the technologies of paper, pen, printing press not happened? 
I had to give up on posting my image from Flickr as I had difficulty inserting that image – Google came to the rescue!
 This course attracted me because I am really interested in word- especially the written word. It fascinates me. Words can draw pictures, makes me think, and feel! I just want to learn more about it.
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  1. Kim,

    Great to have you on board. I am also fascinated by texts and technology as I specialise in literacy studies. It is just amazing how text and the writing space have changed over the decades. Wishing you all the best.


  2. Gordana Jugo says:

    Hi Jasmeet,

    It’s nice to work with you again. Great picture! As far as I know one of my favorite writers Pushkin used quill for writing.


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