Text as Technology

Black Robe Clip*

As seen in this clip from the film “Black Robe”*, text is clearly a technology – and one which people did not always have. An inherent distrust of what is misunderstood can also be seen in the clip on the part of the First Nation’s People. Writing is, evidently, a practical art, meant to facilitate communication. The future of text as a technology is changing – but have our attitudes? I’m not convinced yet that there isn’t still an inherent distrust of the changing way in which we communicate as text continues to prove to be a technology under transformation.

*I’ve tried for over an hour to try and embed the video… used HTML, googled shortcuts, read the WordPress Help page and nothing is working. ¬†SO a link will just need to suffice for everyone. ¬†Thanks!

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3 Responses to Text as Technology

  1. Julie S says:

    Excellent video clip to demonstrate not only text as a technology but the inherent distrust of text as a technology. I agree that there is an underlying current of distrust of text technologies as they continue to morph in ways that are becoming more dynamic and changeable.

  2. OK, Mark – where on earth did you find that? It’s such a perfect piece to illustrate text as a technology. Like Julie, I agree that some people have always been wary of new technology. It recalls the thoughts of Thamus from our reading from Neil Postman (Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture to Technology).

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