My Definition of Technology

Technology is the constant development of products and processes by humans in an effort to improve upon existing conditions.

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Continued technological development results from humanity’s perpetual struggle to solve problems, and to meet needs and wants that are perceived to exist. In most cases, these problems, needs and wants are caused by, and build upon existing technologies, as humans strive towards ever improving conditions.

Technological developments build out of past work in the technological domain and are limited by the rules of the natural world, existing technologies upon which they are based, as well as tangible resources, such as materials and capital, and intangible resources, such as knowledge and time.

The nature of technology is such that continued development inevitably leads to more problems, needs and wants, and thus, a never ending cycle of efforts towards continued perceived solutions.

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  1. Hi Alvin,
    You may be interested to read the definition given by ESA I posted a while ago.

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