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Rote to Note

image of slate chalkboard and notebookRote to Note – From Slate to Personal Notebook

The tools and technologies of learning have changed dramatically since formal schooling was incorporated into cultural standards. Once students began attending a formal school program, one familiar tool used was the slate chalkboard and chalk. The transition to individual notebooks with pencil and pen was a significant shift in how students learned and how teachers taught. The technologies used for production of print and text impacted the thinking and learning process.

“Cultures’ tools connect children through their activities, with the social and physical world. Different cultures emphasize different kinds of tools (verbal vs. non verbal) and social interactions (formal schooling, formal or informal apprenticeships) because of different cultural needs and values.” (Miller, p.384)

The use of the slate and notebook were set within socio-cultural and historical contexts. The tools and technology available impacted teaching and learning. Changes in strategies, techniques and thought patterns resulted from the shift in how print and text were produced. These changes moved learning from the outgoing openness fostered by orality to the reflective separation of the printed word. (Postman, p.17)

Set into Historical and Socio-cultural Contexts

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