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Hypertext – Associations from Nodes to Links

Astrocytes - Non-Neuronal Brain Cells

This representation of the human brain resembles the links, nodes, connected, networked world of hypertext links. In constructing meaning of all terms, definitions and links related to the term ‘hypertext’, this image provides contrast to the above image. You, the ‘audience’ needs to create your own relationship with this information.

What is Hypertext


Hypertext is in it’s infancy as a medium to construct meaning and understanding. Ted Nelson talks about a floating link (flink) and the process of a swoop (swoop & morph). Hypertext is not there. The vision of transclusion and parallelism outlined by Nelson is not technologically possible in current hypertext environments. New forms of building semantic links, called the Semantic Web, will evolve and change the hypertext landscape in the future.

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