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Ted Nelson:

1. An interview with Jim Whitehead –

2. Ted Nelson demonstrates Xanadu Space –


Tim Berners Lee:

Tim Berners Lee writes to kids about himself and the internet –

Tim Berners Lee talks about the Semantic Web –


Deena Larson – writer and creator of hypertext literature

1. Fun Da Mentals:

2. Web Shelf:

3. Addicts Attic:


Mark Berenstein:

1. Patterns of Hypertext:


Reading and Writing with Hypertext (no pattern to this list)

The Future of the Book –

Hypertext and Alice in Wonderland –

Hypertextopia –

Hypertextopia library – (try one of my favourite children’s stories – The Very Hungry Caterpillar in hypertext format

Scratch – programming and learning for children, from the MIT lab:

Creating hypertext stories in MS Word –

National Writing Project – A collection of Online Publishing opportunities for Children


Interesting Associations and Connections:

MET – ETEC course work done by a colleague – connections to theories about storywriting/storytelling – 

Hypertext and Hypermedia – Definitions:

Jay David Bolter – Hypertext –

Walter J. Ong  – The Writer’s Audience is always a fiction –’s%20Audience.pdf

David Kolb – Spatial Hypertext –

Hypertext and why kids are good at it –

Hypertext Fiction in Education –

Hypermedia – Applying Analytic Writing Rubric to Children’s Hypermedia writing <

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