March 2024

“Trans Rights in Japan” Written By:Takashi Shirouzu

“Sexual Minorities in the Japanese Criminal Justice System” Written By Hideki Oshita

“Sexual Minorities and the Constitution in Asia*” Written By Shigenori Matsui

September 2023

“Sex, Sexuality and the Constitution in Japan: Most Recent Updates” Written By: Shigenori Matsui

May 2021

“Vaccination Compensation System in Japan” Written By: Shigenori Matsui

February 2021

“Student Research: Evaluating Policy Responses to COVID-19”

“Optimize Tax Administration, President Xi Says” Written By: Wei Cui

December 2020

“New Research on China’s Personal Income Tax and Its Impact on Income Distribution” Written By: Wei Cui

October 2020

“Improving Taxpayer Return Filing through Email Reminders” Written By: Wei Cui

September 2020

“Intra-Governmental Data Sharing to Enhance Taxpayer Registration” Written By: Wei Cui

July 2020

“How to promote rule of law in China” Written by: Jiang Wan, translated by Yan Wang

“Litigating the Party’s Internal Rules” Written By: Yan Wang

“Rule of Law and Performance Metrics (I)” Written By: Wan Jiang

“Rule of Law and Performance Metrics (II)” Written By: Wan Jiang

“The “Netflix Tax” Debate in Canada” “加拿大关于“奈飞税”的政策争议” Written By: Yi Zhao 赵祎

June 2020

“以身传道的柯恩教授二三事 Jerry Cohen and Preaching by Example” Written By:程洁 (Jie Cheng)

“The Ascendance of the Resolution Power in China’s Parliamentary Bodies” Written By: Julie Qiu and Wei Cui

“Lawmaking in the Time of the Pandemic” Written by Wei Cui

May 2020

“China’s in the race to build a COVID-19 vaccine” Written by Michael Wong

April 2020

“A Legal and Empirical Study on Collective Labour Relations in China: Analysis on Collective Wage Consultation” Written by Lili Wang

“Why is China’s Underground Economy So Small?”

“Take-Up of a Corporate Tax Cut among Vietnamese Firms”

March 2020

“Does Tax Non-Compliance Neutralize the Effect of Tax Incentives?” written by Wei Cui and Xuerui Wang

“Training Session for Tax and Public Finance Officials from India”

“COVID-19 Roundtable at Allard Law” written by Christina Ma

“Entrepreneurial Reluctance: Academic Talent and Firm Creation in China” written by Xin Mu

“Intended and Unintended Consequences of Transparency Reforms in China” written by Christina Ma

February 2020

Patriarchy and Paradigms in the Study of Chinese Law (Part II) Written by: Jie Cheng

Patriarchy and Paradigms in the Study of Chinese Law (Part I) written by: Jie Cheng

TRP may allow temporary residents ineligible to restore status to remain in Canada during COVID-19 outbreak written by Yan Wang

The Coronavirus and the Chinese Healthcare System

“Categorical matching may provide insight for South Korea’s gender wage gap” written by Doe Lee

January 2020

“From “Structural Tax Reduction” to “Inclusive” Tax Cuts” written by Wei Cui

中国的影子银行:规避风险和监管回应。”Shadow Banks in China: Risk Mitigation and Regulatory Response” written by Yi Zhao 赵祎

Professor Li Guo on Chinese Shadow Banks” written by Yan Wang

December 2019

“Impeaching the President in South Korea: A Judicial Perspective” written by Younju Jung

“What Is A “Small and Micro-Profit Enterprise” in China?” written by Wei Cui

“Sexual Harassment in Japan” written by Shigenori Matsui

China’s 2009 VAT Reform Viewed from a Decade on: A Resounding Policy Success” written by Wei Cui

November 2019

“Training Session for Chinese Tax Officials” written by Wei Cui

“The Hong Kong Protests and the Rule of Law” written by Christina Ma

October 2019

“Natural Disasters and the Law” written by Shigenori Matsui

“Is Time Not Ripe for China to Recognize Unmarried Cohabitation?” written by Qian Liu 

“When do Chinese National Ministries Make Law?” written by Wei Cui

“Randy Shek: The Police and Hong Kong” by Emily Wilson

“Randomized Controlled Trials on Tax Collection in Developing Countries” written by Wei Cui and Doe Lee

Michigan Conference on “China’s Legal Construction Program at 40 Years”

“China at 70” written by Pitman B. Potter

“2019 Michigan Chinese Law Conference Update” written by Pitman B. Potter

September 2019

“Elites, Ideology, and Revolution: 1911 China” written by Emily Wilson

“Diversity in its True Sense” written by Nerissa Yan

“我命由己不由天:一个哪吒,两种叛逆” written by Jie Cheng

“What Could China Learn from Tax Administration in Victorian England?” written by Desmond Zihua Wang

August 2019

“In Hong Kong Turmoil, Canada Faces a Moral Test” written by Michael Jud

“The BC Geoduck Industry and International Taxation” written by Jamie Cook and Wei Cui

“Can There Be “Rule of Law” without “Rule by Law?” written by Wei Cui