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Eva Belén Ruiz, Michaela Basciano, Esteban Margaron, Christina Hruby and Max Foran

Web Folio

Please follow this link to view my web folio. It is located on UBC blogs, The name of the site is Christina Hruby, RDH Please click on the word Home in the box below. Home  

Application Package Draft- Eva Ruiz

Hello Team, Here is that attached copy of my application draft! Application Package ENGL 301-Eva Ruiz-2 Here is the MLA citation of the job posting as well. Eng, Janice. “WL W20 Rehabilitation Research Program Assistant .” UBC Careers Online , 4

Formal Report (Final Draft) by: Christina Hruby

Please find attached a pdf file of my formal report, Causal Analysis of Gathering in Common Areas at Clinique Parodontologie CTH. Formal Report-C.Hruby-Aug 11,2020  

Peer Review of Application Package for Esteban

TO:                 Esteban Margaron, English 301 Student Writer                                                     

Michaela’s Application Package Draft

Attached is the rough draft for my Application Package. Thanks, team! 🙂 Application Package MLA Citation for admission instructions: “Human Resources Management – 113.” Mohawk College, 2020,

Application Package- Christina Hruby

My application package is attached below, in a pdf document. The package includes: 1- A copy of the job advertisement with MLA citation. 2- My résumé 3- 3 letter requesting a letter of reference Application Package C.Hruby Aug.9.2020 My online

Formal Report Peer Review for Esteban

TO: Esteban Margaron, ENGL 301 Student FROM: Max Foran, English 301 Student DATE:  August 5th 2020 SUBJECT: Peer Review   First Impressions:   The report is well-structured and easy to follow. It covers an interesting topic and provides relevant and well-thought out commentary.   Organization:

Peer Review of Formal Report for Max Foran

TO:  Max Foran, ENGL 301 Student FROM: Eva Ruiz, ENGL 301 Student, Reviewer DATE:  August 7th 2020 SUBJECT: Peer Review of Feasibility Analysis of a CIBC Wood Gundy Transition to a Remote Workforce Thank you for submitting your report on

Peer Review of Formal Report for Christina Hruby

TO:  Christina Hruby, ENGL 301 Student FROM: Michaela Basciano, ENGL 301 Student, Reviewer DATE:  August 5th 2020 SUBJECT: Peer Review of Causal Analysis of Gathering in Common Areas at Clinique Parodontologie CTH Thank you for submitting the draft of your formal report:

Peer Review of Formal Report for Michaela Basciano

TO:                Michaela Basciano, English 301 Student Writer                                                     


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