Resources for reaching out to the Aboriginal Children

A collaborative site by the Canadian Government and many FN associations, this site provides information on the FN history, culture, and traditions. Besides information it provides the FN elders, women, youth, and children many activities and resources. I particularly found the links for younger children appealing where the web is used efficiently to teach the children their history, language, and the traditional way of living. Many concepts are presented in game format.

This site is “an exhibition celebrating stories from the oral tradition of the Inuit, M├ętis and First Nations peoples, from the past to the present.” It is a documentation of their oral traditional that bear witness to the cultural diversity, living history and collective knowledge from which they came.

This site has an exhaustive list of aboriginal resources to link with all aspects of the curriculum. Very useful guide for educators

This Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage has interesting activities for children and teachers. It has rich Canadian content about traditional people and their life style. It also has lesson ideas that help students learn about aboriginal history and culture.

Indigenous Knowledge and Pedagogy
This is a very detailed paper that aims to describe and evaluate work done on indigenous knowledge and pedagogy in the First Nations education. It also explains the ethics and criteria for understanding and integrating indigenous knowledge in the classroom.


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