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A site displaying a number of documentary films by and about Aboriginal peoples. There are lots of interesting films to view here, organized around themes. There is also a section on how to use the films in classrooms, as well as a rationale surrounding the collection. It also includes a lesson plan on an idea of how to use the films in class. The collection is large and diverse, and is conveniently organized.


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The Other Side of the Ledger: An Indian View of The Hudson’s Bay Company

The Other Side of the Ledger: An Indian View of The Hudson’s Bay Company – 70 minutes

Filmed in 1972 through the National Film Board of Canada for their Aboriginal Perspectives film collection, directors Martin Defalco and Willie Dunn investigate an Aboriginal perspective of how Canada’s indigenous people have been impacted by colonialism, how land was acquired by the Crown, the commodification of Aboriginal culture by the Hudson Bay Company and popular culture, how the treaty process emerged, and reasons why a cycle of dependency through poverty was created. The resulting loss of voice in decisions affecting themselves and loss of pride in their culture continue to affect Aboriginal people today. Narrator George Manuel, who was president of the National Indian Brotherhood at the time, also demystifies the level of compensation awarded to Aboriginal people who were registered inhabitants of a reserve.

A 3:00 excerpt is also available and can be a sufficient classroom resource to support teaching.



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