Aboriginal Education, The Agenda with Steve Paikin

On The Agenda with Steve Paikin, discusses Aboriginal education. They start off by looking at three graphs that examine the population growth in Canada, unemployment rates and education achievement and compare the differences between non-aboriginal population in Canada to the Aboriginal population in Canada. The graph on “education achieved” looks at young people ages 20-24 who have received a diploma for high school, trades, college, and/or university. It also compares the educational difference between aboriginals who live on a reserve verses those who live off a reserve.  They then look in-depth into the numbers and discuss how to get aboriginal young people to graduate high school and ultimately go on to post-secondary education.

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Aboriginal Education in Timmins

Aboriginal education in Timmins looks at urban education for aboriginal students, specifically raising awareness to the needs of the aboriginal children transitioning from reserves to places like Timmins, Ontario and how important it is to get them engaged with the classroom. They also discuss the alarming number of aboriginal students that have not graduated from high school.

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Aboriginal Education: Solutions for the Future

Aboriginal Education’s presents Ogden Public school in Thunder Bay; a successful school that balances both the aboriginal culture and teachings alongside the standard Ontario education. This program also discusses what needs to be done to bring about change in the education system for aboriginal students. Asking questions like: do schools need more money and resources? Do they need more culture in the curriculum? Can the present system meet the needs of Aboriginal children or do we need something completely different? They also discuss specific things that aboriginal students need to make sure they succeed.

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Our City Our Voices

A site devoted to a project to help unite urban Aboriginal youth with elders, and in the process conduct interviews with the elders to document and learn from the stories. There is a list of links provided for the purposes of do-it-yourself-ers, who would like to engage in these projects on their own.


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Contemporary Aboriginal art in Cyberspace

This is a link to the YouTube channel of contemporary Aboriginal artist sistagrlo. https://www.youtube.com/user/sistagrlro and this is her blog http://www.arohagroves.com/

I hope to speak with her about how she uses her presence in cyberspace to further her goals of Aboriginal identity and education about Aboriginal ideals and life in Australia.

Sometimes it is hard to get a hold of people in SecondLife, but I will post if I am able to speak with her.

Part of my research is to look at what value to education Aboriginal and Indigenous artists and creators see in their existences in cyberspace, so I want to speak with them directly as well as look at their work. Who do they see themselves as online?

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Aboriginal Education: The Past and Present

February 15th, 2009: “Your Voice” has as special on “Aboriginal Education: The Past and Present” on TVOParents. Some of
the topics discussed in the video are about the residential school legacy and how it affects the youth of today, schools on and off the reserve, and the effect of non-aboriginal teachers teaching aboriginal studies has on aboriginal students.

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Hello Cool World

Description: A sexual health awareness website featuring videos created by Aboriginal youth (mostly in BC) regarding various topics affecting their peers. Many of the videos feature educational information presented in a culturally-relevant context. The project aims to empower youth to educate others through video production. An example of youth empowerment and community involvement using video production as a tool.

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