CEIT – Research Capacity within communities

This organisation seeks to “build research capacity in communities… .” After the considerable time spent on conversations surrounding research and indigenous communities, this site stood out to me as a possible resource for allowing research to emerge from within communities in ways that are in line with the local traditional knowledge, and yeilding results that are specific and usable to that community. Regarding the topic of Aboriginal youth, there is a targeted project within the site on resiliency among Aboriginal youth, specifically targeting the topic of suicide prevention. There are interesting links from this site, which focuses on health, but seeks to address local problems on a global scale.


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Longhouse Media


As part of our course readings (Discussion #8: Traditional Culture, Technology and Youth), I came across Longhouse Media.  The mission of Longhouse media is “to catalyze indigenous people and communities to use media as a tool for self-expression, cultural preservation, and social change”.

They offer a program called Native Lens which teaches Indigenous Youth media and filmmaking skills.  They teach Indigenous youth to tell their own stories through digital mediums thus ending the stereotypes that have been perpetuated by mainstream media.

Personally I found the video March Point to be very intriguing hence my search for the website and organization.

~ Ryan

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Our City Our Voices

A site devoted to a project to help unite urban Aboriginal youth with elders, and in the process conduct interviews with the elders to document and learn from the stories. There is a list of links provided for the purposes of do-it-yourself-ers, who would like to engage in these projects on their own.


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Hope for the Future

A site devoted to featuring positive opportunities and ideas to aid in the success of Aboriginal youth. It is very wide-spanning, and aims to be a central location for anyone working with Aboriginal youth. There is information about educational opportunities, careers, workshops, news, partnerships available to name a few, and is set up in a blog format, allowing for a quick scan and RSS subscriptions. A great resource for Aboriginal youth and their supporters.


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Statement linking Weblog to Research

Using Technology to Support Community-based Traditional Knowledge Education:

At my school in the NWTs and at our Board we are working to integrate technology in a meaningful and supportive way into the schools and classroom. This year, with support of community members, I secured funding from The Nature Conservancy (TNC) for a 2 year project – and hopefully indefinite – to develop technology based curriculum and resources emphasizing the preservation, valuing and passing on of traditional land-based knowledge and language. One of the things I want to do is get some direction and focus for our efforts.

Over the past 7 years we have tried many great strategies to immerse the school in the life of the community including weeks out on the land in the Barrens and recording all this, elders and community members in the school for language, stories, and values education support; on line repositories and resources, SMART Board language learning lessons etc. But I hope technology can help us make some real ‘shift’ in the way we work in the community.

I want to look at strategies used by other indigenous people and develop ideas for our community.  Being aware of the possible harmful effects of technology alongside the many clear benefits we want to develop some practical strategies we can use to guide our development of resources in a way that maximizes involvement and integration of the community, and helps the students be more successful in school and their community.


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The Nature Conservancy: Bella Bella Project

One of the things we did last year in Lutsel K’e was get funding for a major curriculum development project (2-3 years)  from TNC. This will involve staff, students and community members in generating some teaching and learning reesources in some digital format… Bella Bella started their project two years ago… so this site talks about some of the multimedia things they have done and links to TNC resources…. good stuff. Sheila



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Path of the elders game

Description: An interactive adventure game that kind of reminds me of the legend of Zelda. Your character walks around a territory with the goal of learning about the people of the region at the time that they signed a treaty. At certain points when you run into someone, there are opportunities to talk to elders, look at maps, and other activities, and a lot of authentic archived footage is available. Students would really get into this, and it is very high quality, rather than the low-budget type of websites we often associate (unfortunately) with educational material.
Additional resources: there are links for teachers, general information, videos, essay material, audio clips available in addition to the game.

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Hello Cool World

Description: A sexual health awareness website featuring videos created by Aboriginal youth (mostly in BC) regarding various topics affecting their peers. Many of the videos feature educational information presented in a culturally-relevant context. The project aims to empower youth to educate others through video production. An example of youth empowerment and community involvement using video production as a tool.

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