Some places to look at in virtual worlds

I have been looking at some of the builds and sims in SecondLife that are dedicated to indigenous cultures, and contacting some of the creators of the content. I am curious, about what they think the risk/reward ratio is of putting this material out into a very public and sometimes disrespectful venue. Also, I want to know their thoughts on the educational value of a presence in cyberspace before I get too deeply into academic papers.

For those of you who are interested, these are two of the places I have found (I won’t post any pictures until I have permission)  North West Coast Cultural Centre (under construction, but the future home of the immersive indigenous languages project, and the North West Coast Cultural Centre) Red Rock Mesa, at the “Squaws and Cigar Store Injuns” exhibit. The sim (or region) also has a market, a wind turbine and solar panel store, and several educational and ritual spaces.

I find that most people in this class are involved in k-12 education, but as I work in adult education I seem to be focusing more on that and also informal education. I would be interested to know if others feel that this could/should be a part of this course at all.



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