Using Technology To Preserve A Culture Rather Than Destroying It

Technology can be utilized to preserve a culture rather than destroy it

Perhaps the following statement is too simplistic in nature but I assume that every race, culture and community share the same struggle when it comes to the growing disconnect between its generations.  As technology (ie: internet, computers, web 2.0, social media, etc.) have entered the discussion this divide seems to have increased even more.  Not unlike any other culture or community today’s Aboriginal Youth are being raised in a digital age. Without knowledge or prejudice I assume teachers and elders from Aboriginal communities are having similar problems in engaging and connecting with the youth as their non-Aboriginal counterparts do.  I also understand that there exists a fear that technology (ie: the internet) may in fact eradicate many traditions and cultural values that the elders hold so dear.   Only three weeks into this course I have learned about some of these fears but I hold fast (at this point) to the notion that technology can be used to preserve a culture, not destroy it.

The focus of my weblogs and research will be centered on the assumption that, with respect to Aboriginal youth, technology can be utilized to preserve a culture rather than destroy it.  I intend to find examples, articles, and websites that show this to be true.  It is vital that my research be authentic and not merely from an ethnocentric perspective.  Elders may not share the same passion and enthusiasm for technology as today’s youth do but I feel that if used properly technology can be a valuable tool employed to preserve a culture.

~ Ryan




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