Five Module 1 Links

1. David Bouchard,  (Author, Educator, Presenter)

“An acclaimed author of children’s books”.  Many of David’s books could be used as mentor texts to introduce the theme of First Nations people and provide background knowledge to the students.   David is Metis and admits he grew up not knowing of his heritage.  He has produced more than fifty books for readers of all ages.  In 2010, David was named to the Order of Canada.

2. Dr. Daniel Paul – Author, We Were Not the Savages – First Nation History

Mi’kmaq Elder, Dr. Daniel Paul has created a comprehensive website of information to help readers develop a better understanding of the history, hopes, and aspirations of First Nations People.   Dr. Paul was named to the Order of Canada in 2005.  He is an advocate for social justice and the eradication of racial discrimination.  He is an author and journalist who has received numerous awards.

3. Aboriginal Peoples Channel – National Film Board of Canada

28 films (from clips, to documentaries) providing an in-depth look at important issues in Aboriginal communities.   The videos within the NFB website have been licensed for use in all publicly funded Ontario schools.  The license grants performance rights for use in classrooms, libraries, and auditoriums.  Teachers and students can view 24/7.  I plan to review specific films for inclusion in my research.

4. Aboriginal Perspectives – Teachers’ Toolkit – Teaching Resources and Strategies for Elementary and Secondary Classrooms,  Ontario Ministry of Education, 2009

The Teacher’s Toolkit has been developed to provide Ontario teachers with the support they need to bring Aboriginal perspectives to life in the classroom.   The kit consists of two parts:  great ideas for teaching and learning and practical teaching strategies.  Part 1 helps teachers bring First Nation, Métis and Inuit histories, cultures and perspectives into the classroom.   Part 2 provides teachers with professionally developed teaching strategies created by experts from across Ontario.

5. Theytus Books 

Theytus Books is First Nation owned and operated and a leading North American publisher of indigenous voices.   K-12 resources include a diverse collection of books.   Goodbye Buffalo Bay by Larry Loyie is the story of Lawrence who has just made it through his final year of residential school.    Despite his best efforts, he finds himself in a few predicaments.   When he returns home, he is not yet a man but no longer a boy.  He struggles to find acceptance in a community that seems to have forgotten him.




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