Integrating Aboriginal Perspectives into Curricula

This article provides keys points on integrating Aboriginal perspectives within several curricula taught in the Manitoba classroom. This article was prepared by the Manitoba Education and Youth sector in 2003. It was created to assist teachers, curriculum developers and administrators in fostering students’ understanding of the Aboriginal perspectives in Manitoba. The article gives a synopsis of the history, education, learning outcomes, culture and world of indigenous people in Manitoba.

“Aboriginal Culture in the Digital Age” Aboriginal Voice Cultural Working Group Paper

This paper highlights and conveys the implications of ICT implementation in an Aboriginal’s society in Canada. The views of many that ICT is an effective tool for promoting, preserving, renewing and enriching of Aboriginal culture is adequately dealt with in this paper. Also the effectiveness of ICT in reaching out to the gradually increasing numbers of Aboriginal peoples living outside of traditional communities is dealt with in this article. In summary this article seeks to cover three aspect of Aboriginals. These are the rebirth undertaking among Aboriginal cultures, the impact of ICT on the economic, social and cultural framework of the Aboriginal and the importance of preserving and protecting Aboriginal languages, ecology and heritage.

Nurturing Resilience and School Success in American Indian and Alaska Native Students

This article looks at the characteristics of rigid Indigenous youth, the traditional ways of Indigenous people and the connections within their community, school and family that foster resilience. The article highlights and shines light on the key points for the resilience in and among the American Indian and Alaska Native children and youths. It is based on the review of a recent study conducted on Indigenous youths aimed at finding out their views on what parents, teachers and schools can do to foster resilience. In this article, the authors try to make connections between resilience and the spirituality and biculturalism of Indigenous people.

Towards Decolonizing the Pan-Canadian Science Framework

 This article was written by Glen S. Aikenhead of University of Saskatchewan. It explains the reasons for the small number of Aboriginal students in high school science and mathematics courses and states that this is a major contributor to the economy, resource management and independence problems facing Indigenous societies in Canada. The article also briefly highlights the two main reasons for the underrepresentation of Aboriginal students in these subject areas.

Indigenous Knowledge: Foundations for First Nations

This article is written by Dr. Marie Battiste of University of Saskatchewan. This article looks at the Indigenous knowledge of Aboriginal people in Canada. It clearly explains the challenges facing Aboriginal knowledge and its implementation in schools in Canada. The article also provides individuals with the reasons for the tensions between Indigenous and Eurocentric knowledge and their conflict in the educational system.


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