On the Matter of Human Rights

The People’s Movement for Human Rights Education  formerly the People’s decade for Human Rights Education (PDHRE) website is dedicated to human rights learning for social and economic transformation.  The organization is an independent, international and non-profit body.  It was established in 1988 to fulfill the need for greater understanding of human rights issues as it related to FN people. The home page is packed with information on human rights issues as well as details about indigenous people;  their livelihood, sexual orientation, work, and minorities to name a few. Users are able to access pictures, video clips and links to numerous resources, articles, reports, dialogue/dissertations and publications. They are also prompted from the onset, to join the different interest groups shown on the site, that seek to address the human rights issue of the FN people.

The outlining of specific subject areas makes navigation much easier. Details on human rights issues are not mentioned only in generalized terms but explained in relation to how it applies to indigenous people,. Overall it is a very comprehensive and well developed website.



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