Cyberspace and FN

This site Cultural Survival has as its motto, Partnering with Indigenous Peoples to Defend their Lands, Languages and Cultures. The article presented on this particular link looks at “The internet and the indigenous people”. It was written by Jean Armour Polly who provided details on her contribution in getting The Oneida Indian Nation’s Territory on the Web. Information on the Oneida Indian Nation website and details on the happenings and experiences there paints a picture of hope in technology offering indigenous people the chance to have their voices heard.. The offering of a virtual tour and the opportunity to listen in on stories told in the native tongue were just a few of the things highlighted to show how much of an impact the computer and internet is having on the indigenous people. An excerpts of an interview conducted with native elders adds to the authenticity of the site as well as the accurate representation of the peoples story.


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