Attiwapiskatt – Just one of many.

With the country’s and world’s attention on the Attiwapiskatt reserve, do you feel that we are at a tipping point? How can we sustain the attention of our citizens and government to the issues of these struggling communities. Now that the Red Cross has moved in to one of our own communities in absence of flood, fire, earthquake . . . surely this must be a wakeup call? Perhaps we need to support the Red Cross so that the organization can afford to move into other communities. I don’t intend for my support to the red cross to take responsibility off of our government’s shoulders but to shame the government into action.

Those of you who are living outside of North America. Are you receiving much news of this situation? “The government continues to blame the victim.” Shameful! For those of you not living in Canada below are a couple of links.

Peter Mansbridge will have an extended interview airing this weekend on One on One with Shawn Atleo – the national chief of the assembly of first nations.

Eight minutes of the interview is shared on The National – 20:58 – of the broadcast.


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