Indigenous Youths, Technology, and Traditional Culture

Indigenous Youths, Technology, and Traditional Culture

This is my first venture in acquiring an in-depth knowledge of indigenous people. I do not have much experience in working with indigenous people; however, as an educator I work with students from different cultural ethnicity. My research therefore will be based on youths and the impact of technology. Given our present globalized world with western ideologies preeminent in our society, I want to know more about indigenous youths, their perspectives on technology, and its impact on their traditional culture; hence my research topic, Indigenous Youths, Technology, and their Traditional Culture.

Technology appears to be very influential in our modern society. This seems to be even more so among our youths, as youths use the internet for games, studying and socialization. Youths also are prone to peer pressure and want to be very much in mode among friends. The emphasis placed on acquiring knowledge on technology is slowly seeping into indigenous communities and the youths are drawn into this ‘new’ development.

While, there can be positivity in using modern technology in maintaining and documenting cultural traditions, the risks of losing the traditional face-to-face communications among indigenous people appears high as indigenous youth are becoming more and more intrigue by technology.

That being said, I would like to explore the impact technology has on indigenous youths and their cultural traditions.

P. Morris


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