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An Idea for ‘Making Connections’

I have an idea for how to approach this week’s ‘Making Connections’ assignment. I’m already finding a number of other people’s posts that connect to my own project. So as I go along and make comments on my fellow students … Continue reading

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Happenstance: Representative of both new and old.

Introduction Various fictions have experimented with the new digital medium; the vast majority of  which are considered avant-garde, experimental, and experiential. This is in art because the reader of fiction must strictly follow the writer’s path (Kress, 2005). This paper … Continue reading

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On Paper and Pen

Introduction Today, both paper and pens are a ubiquitous and affordable resource. Pens may carry a cultural value when given as special gifts, yet others are discarded at the first sign of malfunction. Historians have tended to subsume the history … Continue reading

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Commentary #1

In the chapter ‘Some Psychodynamics of Orality’, from the 1982 text Orality and Literacy, Walter Ong provides a generalization of the psychodynamics found in oral and primarily oral cultures. The exercise examines the thoughts, mechanics, patterns, mnemonics, and strategies of … Continue reading

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A short passage that sheds light on ‘Text’

“Text is written authority” I think that this simple statement, taken from our own module referring it the Modern Usage of text, touches on my own attitude about text. Prior to getting started in this course I was quite unsure … Continue reading

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A short passage that sheds light on ‘Technology’.

I think that this passage from the ‘From papyrus to cyberspace’ lecture signals a key learning that many people (both students and teachers) need to face and overcome. “If someone becomes seduced with the technology and thinks that if they … Continue reading

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Visually Supported Text

Hello, my name is Scott McKay and I work with a program called SETBC that provides specific technologies to students with special needs. I have chosen this particular photo as it illustrates how a product called Boardmaker can be used … Continue reading

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