Using photo analysis to examine the history of nursing in political spheres: Canadian and European perspectives

2023 Nursing History Symposium Webinar

The Webinar’s recording has now been archived in the UBC Library Open Collection, and assigned a persistent link, as follows:

Title: Using photo analysis to examine the history of nursing in political spheres : Canadian and European perspectives
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A panel presentation by representatives of the Canadian and European Associations for the History of Nursing, and hosted by the UBC Consortium for Nursing History Inquiry 

A free online event via Zoom. Once you register (for free) you will receive a zoom link closer to the time to join the webinar.

Date & Time

Tue, November 21, 2023

Considering the time difference with European partners, the panel is presented at 9.00 – 10.30 am in BC (Pacific time in Canada), and 18.00 – 19.30 pm in Europe (mid-European time). Please adjust your participation time accordingly when joining from other time zones.


Panel presenters:

  • Helen Vandenberg, PhD RN (University of Saskatchewan, Canada, CAHN past president and current treasurer)
  • Peter Twohig, PhD (Saint Mary’s University, Canada, current CAHN president)
  • Geertje Boschma PhD RN (University of British Columbia, Canada, CAHN past-president)
  • Maria Eugenia Galiana Sanchez PhD RN (University of Alicante, Spain, current EAHN president)
  • Anna La Torre RN, MA, PhD Candidate (Faculty of Nursing, University of Milan, and current EAHN communications officer)
  • Hugo Schalkwijk, PhD candidate (University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, Netherlands, current EAHN vice president)

Panel presenters and members of the respective Canadian and European Associations of the History of Nursing will present and examine a series of photographs representing key events in the history of nursing from various perspectives, time periods and national and international contexts. The panel will show how photographs can provide insight into nursing’s past that may not necessarily be captured by document analysis alone and may invite reflection on the ways in which nursing has interacted with different political influences. Recording of the presentation, previously presented by the respective organizations at the 2023 AAHN conference, will be made available through the Open Collection of the UBC library following the webinar.