Welcome to the UBC School of Nursing Consortium for Historical Inquiry in Nursing and Health Care. The Consortium serves as a resource for students, faculty and members of the School’s wider community to explore and examine nursing and health care’s past. It links with other groups and stakeholders interested in nursing and health history, develops resources and organizes an annual symposium, lectures and activities. Its overall aim is to bring together students, faculty, and members of the community to expand knowledge of the history of nursing. This site is supported by the University of British Columbia School of Nursing.

History of the Consortium:

The Consortium started as a School of Nursing initiative in 2012. It is dedicated to study and knowledge exchange activities in nursing and health history in collaboration with other groups on the UBC campus and the wider UBC community. The Consortium is led by a Steering Committee of UBC faculty members and affiliates and liaises with a wide group of stakeholders, including faculty, students, alumni and other groups at UBC and beyond.


Social Media:

Twitter: @Nursing_History

Instagram: ubcnursingconsortium


Objectives and Activities of the Consortium

  • Supports and expands scholarly work and research in nursing and health history
  • Promotes history in undergraduate and graduate nursing programs
  • Enacts community engagement activities
  • Includes students in its work and activities and provides a training environment
  • Supports preservation of primary and digital sources in nursing history
  • Connects with other groups and scholars, liaison members, and other nursing history units, societies and groups to exchange nursing history scholarship
  • Activities include an annual symposium, a series of lectures and a reading group