Black History Month 2022: Celebrating the Contributions of Black Nurses to Health Care (recording)

Dr. Lydia Wytenbroek (Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing), doctoral student Ismalia De Sousa and BSN students Tamasha Hussein, Kelly Nguyen, Ariel Tzu-Han Chiao, Brandon Moeller and Merielle Moffatt varied out a Black History Month project that included a curated physical display, a virtual “walk through” of the display (recorded), and a 55 page flipbook (see below). We hope that these resources will encourage our audience to take a deep dive into the significant contributions of Black Nurses in Canada and across the world who paved the way to a better healthcare. We encourage self-reflection on how historical events and the professionalization of nursing have contributed to current health and social inequities.

Display: We organized a display in the School of Nursing (in front of the administrative offices). The display was available starting on February 4, and remained on exhibit for a couple of months.

Virtual “Walk Through” of Display: A one-hour virtual “walk-through” of the display was offered on Tuesday, February 15, 2022 from 12 – 1 pm.



Flipbook: This flipbook is part of a virtual and curated display, Black History Month 2022 – Celebrating the contributions of Black nurses to healthcare, presented and co-created by nursing students and the Consortium for Nursing History Inquiry in the UBC-V School of Nursing:

Twitter chat: Dr. Lydia Wytenbroek, Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing, and doctoral students Eunice Bawafaa and Ismalia de Sousa will chat with historians of Black history. Last week of February – date TBA.