UBC Health Information Series Talk 2013

Dr. Geertje Boschma and Dr. Margery Hawkins of the UBC’s School of Nursing

“History, geography and ethics of health worker migration in Canada”

October 9, 2013 – 1.00PM to 2.00PM at the Tommy Douglas Library at the Burnaby Public Library (BPL)

Presented by the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre and Woodward Library, the Health Information Series is an ongoing public lecture series that take place in the Lower Mainland community. Hosted by the Burnaby Public Library’s Tommy Douglas Branch Library and in collaboration with the Multicultural Helping House, Dr. Geertje Boschma and Margery Hawkins will be giving an important presentation that explores issues of health worker migration through examining the history, geography, and ethics of international recruitment and migration of health workers to Canada, and focusing on the experiences of registered nurses from the Philippines who have migrated to Canada. During the past few decades the migration of Filipino nurses to Canada has considerably expanded, with nurses from the Philippines making up the largest group of all immigrant nurses in the Canadian workforce. What are the implications of these trends for the healthcare community? Come join us as Dr. Boschma informs us in her latest research findings.


Geertje Boschma leads a research program on the history of nursing and health care, with special emphasis on mental health and mental health nursing. Her current studies include historical analyses of the development of mental health services and the transition to community mental health in BC. She explores the ways nurses, other health professionals, clients, and families have experienced this change and have contributed to the development of community services. Furthermore, she conducts a study on the history of general hospital psychiatry and is a co-investigator on a pan-Canadian comparative study of deinstitutionalization and community mental health. Master’s and Doctoral students are involved in her program. Her research aims to add to the understanding of change in health care and nursing’s professional identity.

Dr. Margery Hawkins, PhD (Nursing), completed her dissertation on the experiences of nurses from the Philippines seeking RN licensing and employment in Canada. This talk is in partnership with the Multicultural Helping House Society.

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