​Recollective: Artist-Run Centre Archives​ a​nd Initiatives @ ACA Conference 2020

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Recollective: Artist-Run Centre Archives​ a​nd Initiatives at ACA UBC Virtual Conference (2020) Presentation Slide. Created by Emma Metcalfe Hurst, Dan Pon, and Allison Collins.

June 2020 – ​Recollective: Artist-Run Centre Archives​ a​nd Initiatives at 2020 ACA Virtual Conference “20/20 Vision: Seeing Archives Differently”

Co-presented with Dan Pon, grunt gallery Archives Manager and Allison Collins, Independent Curator and Recollective Partner.

We presented on Recollective: Vancouver Independent Archives Week, a multi-vocal group of artists, curators, arts administrators, and archivists that work together across various arts and culture organizations to present research and artistic projects/events that intersect with community and institutional archives. Recollective responds to the need to address archives and bring visibility to them within the arts sector as significant sites of artistic and cultural production and expression. We shared examples of past and future events hosted by Recollective partners in collaboration with artists, activists, and other artist-run-centres nationally and internationally. I also talked about my role at the Project Coordinator for the program and how it intersects with my present archival studies.

Click here for more information about my work as Project Coordinator for Recollective.