Karen Jamieson Dance

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Solo form Chaos Photo Documentation at KJD Office. Photograph by Emma Metcalfe Hurst.

Summer 2020-Present – Dance Archivist for Karen Jamieson Dance (Co-op Work Experience)

  • Assisted with metadata creation for 28 digital assets to be ingested into Arca.
    •  Spearheaded the implementation of Traditional Knowledge (TK) Labels for 7 items in collaboration with Indigenous creators (ongoing).
  • Implemented archival storage for photographic materials from the KJD archives. Organized materials into 5 binders with descriptive information for access and preservation (ongoing).
  • Assisted with archival research, requests, and digitization for the production of the film “Body to Land: Stone Soup” (forthcoming in 2021).
  • Created an inventory for more than 35 KJD posters.
  • Performed research and updated work descriptions and acknowledgments on the KJD website.
  • Developed relationships with Simon Fraser University, Dance Collection Danse, the local contemporary dance community, independent scholars/researchers, The Dance Centre employees, and KJD staff.
  • Summer 2019 – Participated in ​Archiving for the Performing Arts​, ​a roundtable discussion and community town-hall in partnership with Simon Fraser University’s Special Collections and Rare Books and Community Engagement Initiative. The event was attended by more than 25 dance community members and focused on relationship-building and sharing resources for developing records management and archival practices in small performing arts/dance organizations in Vancouver.

Coming Out of Chaos Performance Documentation. 1982. Courtesy of Karen Jamieson Dance. Photo by Chris Randle.

2018-Present – Creative Director and Producer of Coming Out of Chaos: A Vancouver Dance Story

  • Performed project development, research, and coordination for​ the oral history project Coming Out of Chaos: A Vancouver Dance Story which consists of a podcast, website, digital exhibition, and publishing program (ongoing).
  • Digitized, described, and curated a selection of archival materials from 5 different personal and independent archives to create a virtual exhibition hosted on the project website (in progress).
    • Worked closely with creators and stakeholders to determine description language for archival materials.
  • Designed and built the ​Coming Out of Chaos​: A Vancouver Dance Story website (in progress).
  • Conducted 19 interviews with mid-career and senior dancers, choreographers, dance historians, critics, and performing arts administrators from Vancouver’s contemporary dance community.
    • Created interview transcriptions and a timeline of Vancouver contemporary dance history based on notable events and individuals described in the interviews.
  • Produced, wrote, recorded, and edited the four-episode podcast, titled ​Coming Out of Chaos: A Vancouver Dance Story​ (forthcoming in Spring 2021).