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Alison Ma, Sydney Storie, Kathryn Simone, and Jie(Mandy) Su.

Formal Report Draft – Alison Ma

To: MASK Teammates, UBC ENGL 301 From: Alison Ma, UBC ENGL 301 Date: Aug 1, 2020 Subject: Formal Report Draft   Please see attached my formal report draft and give any feedback should there be any. If you have any

3.2 Formal Report Draft — Jie Su

TO: MASK Writing Team Members FROM: Jie Su DATE: August 1st, 2020 SUBJECT: Formal Report Draft from Jie Su Hi MASK Team, Please find the attachment below for my formal report draft, and I appreciate any suggestions for my report.

Formal Report Draft- Sydney Storie

Dear Team MASK, Here is my formal report draft. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to reading the peer-review. Formal Report Draft ENGL 301 Thank you very much. Sydney Storie

Formal Report Draft – Kathryn Simone

MEMO TO: “MASK” Writing Team Members FROM: Kathryn Simone DATE: July 30, 2020 SUBJECT: Assignment 3.2 – Formal Report Draft As requested, I have included a link to the first draft of my formal report at the bottom of this

Bad News and Complaints – Kathryn Simone

Kathryn Simone 123 Lake Street Vancouver, BC Telephone: (604) 543-2121 July 27, 2020 Boathouse Clothing Inc. 123 Ocean Street, Suite 200 Vancouver, BC Telephone: (905) 646-4350 Dear Management of Boathouse Clothing, I have been a regular customer of Boathouse

Business Letters- Complaint and Bad News

Complaint Letter #1 Sydney Storie 399 Atwood Road Grand Forks, B.C V0H 1H9 Ph. 250-528-0397 Email July 22, 2020 Kettle River Veterinary Services 7480 4 St Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0 Attention: Dr. Ruth Sims Our small town of

Business Letters – Alison Ma

Alison Ma 902, 8633 Hornby Street Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4   July 23, 2020   ABC Yoga Apparel P.O Box 3145 Granville Street, BC V6T 7E9   Attention: Customer Service Department Subject: Missing Legging (Special Edition)   Three weeks ago,

Peer Review Jie Su – Memo to Evan Crisp

TO: Jie Su FROM: Kathryn Simone DATE: July 24, 2020 SUBJECT: Peer Review of “You-Attitude” Email Memo to Evan Crisp Hi Jie,   I have reviewed the email sent to Evan Crisp regarding his use of “You-Attitude”, well done! It

Peer Review Sydney Storie – Memo to Evan Crisp

To: Sydney Storie, UBC ENGL 301 Student From: Alison Ma, UBC ENGL 301 Student Date: July 23, 2020 Subject: Peer Review of Writing with YOU Attitude Assignment   Thank you for your suggestions directed to Evan Crisp with a YOU

3.1 Peer Review for Kathryn Simone’s Memo — Jie Su

To: Kathryn Simone, ENGL 301 Student From: Jie Su, ENGL 301 Student Date: July 23, 2020 Subject: Peer Review on Writing with You Attitude for Kathryn Simone Thank you for your best practices on the principles applied to You Attitude.


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