Ethno-Math is a site that outlines ethno-mathematics and a related study done at the College of New Caledonia in Prince George, BC.  The study was designed to investigate whether making math content more culturally relevant and reflective of different styles of learning would improve First Nations and aboriginal student success in mathematics.  A synopsis of ethno-mathematics, as found on the site, states:

“Briefly, ethno-mathematics applies a socio-cultural perspective to math allowing a new means to view student success, curriculum content, historical contributions and educational practices. For example, native content is integrated into problems and indigenous people’s contributions to mathematics are acknowleged.”

The site outlines the project that CNC undertook, as well as a pdf file containing the full final report.  The study refers to the idea that many students see math as neutral and outside of culture.  However, while recognizing students’ viewpoints, the study proposes that “there should be a more explicit discussion with students about the contributions of different cultural groups to the history and practice of mathematics: mathematics does exist in a cultural context” (McGregor & MacMillan, 2004).  I felt that the discussion relating to neutrality and the influence of culture on learning mathematics fit well within the overall discussions for Module 1.


McGregor, C. & MacMillan, P. (2004).  Program evaluation of Math030 (ethno-math).  Retrieved online at



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