Shaun’s Research Interests

I am interested to research places or perhaps a way that technology integration can support traditions and values.  More specifically, I would like to focus my research on using technology to record and document traditional stories, so that they are not lost by future generations.

Allowing these stories to be recorded and narrated by storytellers and perhaps animated (with cultural consideration) will allow for future generations to understand their past and not lose their cultural heritage. TED Ed does a good job of animating its narration. I see a blended approach to this- a mixture of storytelling and visuals that can allow the viewer a  deeper understanding and appreciation of indigenous tradition and heritage.
It is important to keep cultural values and history while allowing students to become citizens of the 21stcentury.
The biggest fear projected from the readings seems to be  that the historical sensability will be lost
and with this, traditions and culture. Therefor, I am going to do my best to argue and provide examples and approaches to  integrating technology into Indigenous populations to support these traditions.
– Shaun

September 25, 2012   1 Comment