Residential schools – Stolen Generation

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The material on residential schooling and its impacts has many parallels to Australian Aboriginal (and some Torres Strait islander) peoples’ experiences in Australia. In Australia from the late 1800s to the 1970s, children were removed from their families and either placed in institutions or adopted by non-indigenous families. This is called the Stolen Generation.

The Australian public were encouraged to believe that Aboriginal children were at risk in their communities and were disadvantaged, so this forced removal would provide them with better education, a more loving family and more civilised upbringing. The reality was that it was a governmental attempt to assimilate. Even the teaching opportunities were limited and the idea was to create a serving class. Many children with an Aboriginal mother and Anglo-saxon father were specifically targeted.

After Heather’s talk (not being a school teacher) I explored what the Australian teaching curriculum was about the Stolen Generation. This lead me to the:

  • amazing resource Scootle that provides resources and teaching plans.

What I couldn’t find was any parallels of Heather’s resource for Indigenous children for teaching.

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1 Sherman Lee { 11.23.12 at 5:04 am }

Hi Denise,

I watched the stolen generation and I must honestly say I saw how some of those words listed in your entry on “Eight ways in which bias shows up in teaching resources” can be seen as offensive. If you do not mind, I might refer to the “Stolen generation” and the “Eight ways in which bias shows up in teaching resources” in my analysis paper.


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