Weblog #4 – Post #4

Another interesting digital story project can be found here.  On the Move – Aboriginal Girls in Sport was produced by CAAWS and Motivate Canada.  Community leaders and youth came together in a digital storytelling workshop that specifically focuses on developing and implementing sport programs for Aboriginal women.  It is important that girls are confident in physical activities, and that they gain confidence and healthy through sports participation.

Keisha Barry – A World Away
Serena Harris – With the Children
Suzette Jacobs – Time for Me
Shelly Smith – Bench Warmer
Shayla Mair – It Doesn’t Matter Where You Are, It’s Who You’re With
Amber McBurney – Ballet Shoes, Boxing Gloves
Lisa Marie Naponse – Biimaase Nishin
Christina Parsons – The Real Canadian
Serene Smyth – Team Spirit
Lovenia Thorpe – Biidaadnookwe

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Weblog #4 – Post #2 – Youth by Youth

Continuing my focus on digital storytelling projects, I have found Calgary’s Towards Resiliency for Vulnerable Youth Project.

The University of Calgary collaborated with United Way in 2011 to create a digital storytelling project with community youth.  The main purpose was to empower youth to express their challenges and strengths, providing them with a deeper understanding of themselves.  Youth from a variety of backgrounds and experiences were able to connect, reflect, and share stories.

The project lasted one week, and youth collaborated in selecting their stories, writing, editing, recording, and creating digital stories.  The nine stories created were shared in the community and are available on the site.

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Weblog #4 – Post #1 – Digital Harvest

Part of my final project focused on digital storytelling projects being used in communities to tell important stories.  One of the projects I stumbled across is based in Vancouver Island and coastal BC communities.  Digital Harvest is a community based initiative that focuses on engaging both elders and youths.  They are given an opportunity to share traditions, culture, knowledge, and practices while producing digital stories.  These stories create an intergenerational connection between elders and youth that gives communities ownership of the information being presented.  Pretty cool.


Additionally, they hold a Digital Story Workshop in Tofino – where “selected participants are invited to a 3-day land, culture, and food workshop”.  Day 1 focuses on how food has been traditionally harvest and how colonization has impacted food systems and life.  The second day looks at how food and lifestyle changes in modern day, and how we consider traditions and history.  Digital stories are also introduced this day.  Day three focuses on the digital media skills necessary to create stories.  Participants will create their own digital stories.  Once the workshop wraps, the youth and elders are given cameras to take their ideas and knowledge back home to continue sharing.  I love the idea of food and stories bringing communities together and empowering youth and elders.



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