Indigenous Peoples’ Collective Memories in Cyberspace

Statement Connecting Research Interests and Weblog:

Indigenous People’s Collective Memories in Cyberspace

I had not thought about ‘Westerners’ owning history and power because they are the ones in control of media productions, whether it be documentary, film, photography etc. I am interested in exploring Media on Indigenous People’s terms, where the hierarchy of values attached to Western culture is replaced by indigenous expression to diffuse collective memories. I will explore how Cyberspace is used to diffuse these memories. Investigate and outline the pitfalls. Examine the role media plays, whether unconsciously or not, as a means of cultural preservation.

I am particularly interested in discovering if and how this form of media representation provides a bridge for young people and encourages them to get back in touch with their culture. Because Indigenous people incorporate vast populations all over the world, I have decided to concentrate my research on Indigenous people in North America (Canada), comparing how various Native groups use media to recuperate and diffuse collective memories.

At this early stage of my research, I will explore web sites and documentation that provide information about Indigenous peoples diffusing their collective memories in Cyberspace.  Then I will analyze and compare how media provides a space for collective memories, outlining benefits and challenges. I hope this research will help me arrive at some form of understanding and appreciation concerning the diffusion of Indigenous Peoples’ collective memories in Cyberspace.





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