Nourishing the Learning Spirit

My vocation was selected for me – it was by good fortune that I found myself instructing for the Adult Basic Education program.   Aboriginal learners make up 50-75% of my classroom, and are therefore deserving of deeper consideration and contemplation.   As I reflect on my practice, I am often troubled by the task of appropriately serving the needs of these learners.  Do the learning activities promote or hinder their sense of culture and identity?

The learners I am in contact with have suffered numerous obstacles throughout their young lives:  abusive relationships, addictions, poverty, oppression, racism, disabilities, illnesses, and lack of self-identity to name a few.   Their “learning spirit”, as defined by Marie Battiste in this video (link provided here), has been diminished and they have forgotten their purpose.

Motivated by that video and the work of the CCL, I have chosen to focus my weblogs and conduct research on ways in which I can nourish, inspire and guide aboriginal learners to reignite their sense of purpose and to build upon their talents using technology.  The research will lead me to a greater understanding of indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing, and allow me to explore suitable learning strategies.


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