So many angles

There are so many interesting areas related to the general subject matter of this course. I’ve definitely been having trouble choosing a focused field of study.

I took an undergrad course way back when I was doing my undergrad that focused on oral storytelling and particularly on the oral stories of a man named Harry Robinson. His stories had been transcribed by a woman who seemed to be very interested in preserving their oral nature in textual format. I can’t quite recall her name now (sorry to any of you who may be friends, family, or fans of that particular person!). I was always interested in that crossover space after experiencing Robinson’s oral stories in textual format. In the course of seminar discussions for that course a story, now foggy in my memory (my own lack of the skills and abilities that come with oral tradition I suppose), about a court case in which the chief of an indigenous group was accused of abandoning his tradition because he had at some point suggested ordering pizza during a recess came up. I guess one doesn’t live in a vacuum forever; ordering pizza doesn’t constitute abandonment of tradition in my mind, and neither does modification of oral to print format. I suspect my research will follow this sort of path. This is still a huge area to ponder, so I have some more narrowing to do. It’s a start though~! Ideas?


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