Dispelling Stereotypes

This CBC article highlights the results of a report on the “State of Aboriginal Learning in Canada” conducted by the Canadian Council on Learning.

It touches upon the more holistic nature of indigenous ways of knowing, particularly acknowledging the role of informal learning.  It stresses the need for aboriginal learners to connect with their community, culture and Elders.


The report from the CCL further cautions our educational system that conventional measurement approaches are not reflective of the holistic nature of the Aboriginal learner.  The report also indicates that the internet has become an essential tool for aboriginal learners — to connect with others and to promote lifelong learning opportunities (distance ed & skill development).

Here’s a link to the 78-page report:


To me, this brings home the idea that we focus so much on content in our system that we lose the ability to educate the “person”.    We also need to do a better job of recognizing informal learning, and realizing that “one size does not fit all” in learning approaches, preferences and measurement.   Can we offer…more opportunities for place-based learning, for connection with community, and for nurturing relationships?  And…how does the internet present both “problems and promises” to that end?


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