The effect of stereotyping on young people

Growing up watching and playing “cowboys and indians” must have an effect on aboriginal youth.  The stereotypes that we are learning about most certainly must affect youth profoundly.

The following article identifies some indigenous stereotypes in video games – depicting indigenous as someone to shoot for points, or as a half-breed hero protecting his people.  Furthermore, in the news or on tv indigenous people are often shown in a negative light.

This must contribute to a lack of self-esteem and identity.  According to this article, they often feel “invisible”.

When do aboriginal youth or children see themselves as human beings?   Shouldn’t this become a priority in order to maintain a healthy society?   I can appreciate the efforts of the APTN, but I believe this should become more mainstream.  As I mentioned in a previous post – we need to merge approaches in all sorts of media to challenge stereotypes and biases.


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