That Contentious Pipeline….

Carrier Sekani Tribal Chief Terry Teegee joins protestors outside the Joint Review Panel hearings into Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline Tuesday in Prince George

PRINCE GEORGE, Oct 14, 2012

There has been a lot of coverage of the proposed Enbridge pipeline in the news. What is surprising is that the current wind seems to be blowing against that mega-corporation.  Global news often seems to take a biased “big business” perspective, but they must see the writing on the wall. BC Premier Christy Clark is slowly becoming more strongly opposed to the pipeline.  She has stated from the outset that it is not an opposition based solely on financial issues. She is concerned with environmental issues as well. Enbridge is not looking strong globally, with spills taking a place of high visibility in the news (thanks Global!!) Hearings examining the technical specs and engineering have been taking place in Prince George, and so have the expected demonstrations. Carrier Sekani Tribal Chief Terry Teegee seems to be [temporarily] aligned with multiple levels of regional and provincial politicians. Teegee stated in the PGFreePress stated that the Joint Review Panel “is not taking the rights and title of First Nations people into account as it hears testimony and evidence from intervenors”. He also stated that “it baffles me why Enbridge would hang in there considering all the opposition to the project,” It does make me wonder several things:

  • How many people are actually in support of this project?
  • Can anyone/anything stop this project?
  • Is Ottawa prepared to push this through regardless of the prevailing public opinion?
  • Is the fact that First Nation concerns are not being addressed indicative of a larger problem, or is this an oversight?

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