Crystal Atlantique

This site, Crystal Atlantique, outlines a research project on ethnomathematics.  The three main goals of the research are stated as:

  1. What mathematics is already present in the disenfranchised cultures (both traditional and modern)?
  2. What conflicts exist between the everyday mathematics in these cultures and Western school mathematics?
  3. How can this mathematical knowledge be incorporated into the learning and teaching of mathematics in school setttings?

The research progress states that the first year was dedicated to conversations with a mathematics teacher and five elders from Mi’kmaq community.  The tone of the site is respectful and includes other disenfranchised cultures (such as franophone communities).  There are also valuable links within this site to work done by David Wagner, an associate professor at the University of New Brunswick, on ethnomathematics.

As I search deeper into what information is available on the internet connecting mathematics and Indigenous people, I am made increasingly aware of the positive results found by applying ethnomathematics principles to mathematics instruction.  Helping students become aware of the depth of mathematical ability and the authentic prevalence of mathematics within their cultures is very powerful.  This site is one example of this type of research.


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