What is an ‘Elder’?…..


Article #13: What is an Elder?


The following link….




….provides an article written by S.M. Stiegelbauer, of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Edcation, at the University of Toronto.

The article describes what an‘Elder’ is according to First Nations Culture. This description has great importance to my final research paper that will hopefully shed more light on First Nations Libraries and their uses.

This article is a follow up to my questions regarding how a First Nations Library should look, and what its useful components would be. I am beginning to think that a First Nations Library would not be the same as a Public Library because of different oral traditions and the way First Nations history is usually portrayed and preserved. I am also guessing that a First Nations Library would have much more in terms of Cultural representations and more visual, and artistic symbols of past events.

From the article, since an Elder is responsible for ‘teaching’ younger students, a First Nations Library should have ample space to accomplish these teachings and provide support for Elder’s to attend and share their knowledge.




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