First Nations Learning Goals to Create a Unique Library Experience…

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The following website……


….provides a unit lesson plan satisfying BC Secondary school curriculum. This unit plan could potentially be used within a social studies 8-11 class.


The unit plan focuses on First Nations History and provides great learning opportunities for students to meet the units learning goals. The units learning goals are as follows:

1. Demonstrate improved reading and writing skills in researching and presenting information orally and in writing.

2. Display improved communication skills in conducting interviews and making speeches and presentations.

3. Recognize the value of the First Nations perspective in the learning process.

4. Recognize the value of oral history as well as written history.

5. Present their opinions and assessment of historic and current First Nations-white relations in British Columbia society.

6. Explain the connections between individual experiences of social problems and the collective experience of living in Canadian society.


These learning goals are great for this unit but also provide specific learning goals that could be incorporated into a First Nations Library that make it unique when compared to a common public library. Learning goals such as ‘presenting information orally’ and ‘recognize the value of oral history’ can be better supported within a library that has been specifically designed to benefit First Nations students.





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