Aboriginal goals of learning and its link to libraries….


Article #20:

The following website link…..


….is from the Canadian Council on Learning (CCL/CCA) website.

The page(s) contained within the link describe ‘success’ from an Aboriginal learning context. The site contains a few pages dedicated to Aboriginal learning, and these pages discuss the Holistic Lifelong Learning Model and its link to community and the environment.


An interesting point was brought up regarding the goals of education and learning for Aboriginal people. From an Aboriginal perspective, “….the purpose of learning is to honour and protect the earth and ensure long-term sustainability to life.” This goal of learning then alters the goal of a First Nations Library somewhat. I think with this Aboriginal learning goal in mind, libraries must work to be more community driven and have vast resources concerning local environmental issues. Without community strength and environmental issues being addressed, the purpose of a particular First Nations library may come into question.






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